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Kristin Parendo Managing Attorney


If you are sixty years of age or older and have a legal problem, the Senior Citizens Law Project may be able to help you. Project services are available to those in the most social and economic need, when other legal assistance is unavailable.

The Senior Citizens Law Project is a component of the Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota. Legal Aid provides civil legal services to low-income people. Fees are not collected from the clients we serve, although donations are encouraged and accepted.

Clients must bear any costs which may arise from litigation such as filing fees, service fees and recording fees. The fees will be waived if the client cannot afford them.

Project services are offered to senior residents of St. Louis, Lake, Cook, Carlton, Itasca, Koochiching, Aitkin Counties.

Our attorneys and paralegals can help you resolve problems involving health care, housing, door-to-door salespeople, home repairs, warranty enforcement and unfair sales practices. We will also help you with problems involving nursing homes and family issues.

We can provide advice in person and over the telephone and we can represent you in court and in hearings before government agencies. We can help you cut through red tape and we can negotiate on your behalf. We can also help draft legal documents.

We prepare a "Senior Legal Line" column which appears in various local newspapers and senior center newsletters and we provide community education workshops on topics such as Medical Assistance, Housing, Incapacity, Patient Rights, Social Security, Health Care Directives and other current legal topics of interest to seniors.


NOTICE: The Senior Citizens’ Law Project is seeking applicants for membership on our Advisory Board. Applicants must be at least 60 years old and live in the seven county northeastern Minnesota area (Aitkin, Carlton, St. Louis, Lake, Cook, Koochiching, and Itasca counties). The membership is voluntary and unpaid, but enjoyable. The Advisory Board members provide insight and recommendations to the Project on what is important to seniors in the area. For further information, please contact Kristin Parendo, Senior Citizens’ Law Project, Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota, 424 W. Superior Street, Suite 302, Duluth, MN 55802 or kparendo@lasnem.org.


A Legal Question & Answer Column for Senior Citizens

February 2014 - I received a 1099-C form from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

January 2014 - I understand that Medicare may pay for a limited stay in a nursing home

December 2013 - In my later years, I took out a federal student loan and got my college degree

November 2013 - I had a credit card that I could not pay

 October 2013 - I want to have a Will

September 2013 - I received a phone call from a man saying that I can sign up for a discount health insurance

 August 2013 - I filed a lawsuit against my neighbor because of her harassing behavior

July 2013 - I am retired and I want to increase my income

June 2013My roof needs repair and it probably needs to be re-roofed

May 2013What is a Social Security overpayment?

April 2013 - I am taking care of my mother by living at home with her. She would like to add my name to her house.

March 2013I understand that National Healthcare Decisions Day occurs on April 16th

February 2013I am now housebound after my stroke

January 2013I want to make things simple for my children when I die

December 2012 - I recently heard that there might be a change in the Medicare

November 2012I thought I could take care of my wife after her stroke

October 2012I just paid my property taxes and it was a struggle.

September 2012 - I co-signed a student loan for my child

August 2012 - I am worried that my family will have to pay my rent if I cannot pay it

July 2012 - I got married 7 years ago. Before the marriage I owned my house free and clear

June 2012 - ( I hired a contractor to paint my house in 2004. Almost from the beginning, I noticed problems)

 May 2012 - (I am frustrated at how society sometimes treats seniors)

April 2012 - (My daughter just went through a divorce and her divorce attorney said that she is entitled to her ex-husband’s Social Security benefits in the future)

March 2012 - (I understand that National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16, 2012)

February 2012 - (I signed a contract with a TV service provider)

January 2012 - (My brother is in hospice at the age of 92 and not expected to live long)

December 2011 -  Because of case loads and staffing, we’ve gotten behind, so the Senior Legal Line will return January 2012. Sorry.

November 2011 - (I am a senior at who has been taking care of my 85-year-old mother )

October 2011 - (I have heard that there is a different enrollment period for my Medicare benefits this year)

September 2011 -  (I was recently in the hospital recovering from some bad reactions to medications)

August 2011 - (My husband recently entered a nursing home and he is not going to be able to return home)

July 2011 - (My wife is in a nursing home getting rehabilitation for a broken hip)

June 2011 - (I want to hire a contractor to remodel my bathroom. I have heard horror stories)

May 2011 - (As I get older, I am trying to tie up loose ends and settle my affairs.)

April 2011 - (I’m over 65 and receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

March 2011 -  (Over the years I have racked up some credit card and medical debts)

February 2011 - (My boyfriend recently had to go to the nursing home after suffering a stroke.)

January 2011 - (Please answer my question about Medical Assistance and gifting)

December 2010 - (A dear friend is approaching the point of were a nursing home would be appropriate....)

November 2010 - (I am enrolled in Medicare, but am finding it difficult to pay the monthly premium...)

October 2010 - (I am upset over my dental bill...)

September 2010 - (What is the federal estate tax?)

August 2010 - (I am my mother’s agent under her financial power of attorney)

July 2010 - (After a routine traffic stop, an elderly friend of mine was arrested)

June 2010 - (I am worried about my neighbor.)

May 2010 - (My wife and I are having trouble paying the property taxes on our house.)

 April 2010 - (If I become sick or incapacitated)

March 2010 - (I take care of my husband, all day, every day, in our home

More information can be found at www.LawHelpMN.org


The Senior Citizens Law Project Assists with Problems Involving:

Medical Assistance
Medigap Insurance
HMO Problems
Health Care Directives
Supplemental Security Income - SSI
Veterans Benefits
Social Services
Unemployment Compensation
Energy Assistance
Other Agency Appeals
Public Housing Problems
Landlord/Tenant Problems
Government Rehabilitation Loans
Age Discrimination
Nursing Home Problems
Home Repairs
Warranty Enforcement
Unfair Sales Practices
Creditor Harassment
Family Problems
Planning for Incapacity
Other Legal Problems


SENIORS ADVISORY BOARD: The Senior Citizens Law Project Advisory Board is composed of eligible clients from counties in the Project's service area. It meets on a quarterly basis and helps set priorities and goals, and monitors program activities.

The Senior Citizens law Project is funded by the Arrowhead Agency on Aging, Region V Development Commission and other organizations. For additional information call Kristin Parendo at the Legal Aid Office in Duluth....(218) 726-4800.


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